REI= spiritual KI= energy, vital force

Japanese practice used to improve the psycho-emotional conditions of the beneficiary / recipient with consequent benefits for physical illnesses. Currently used in many hospitals as support in the healing of different pathologies. The operator, through his hands, and the conductor channel between the Universal energy and the person who wishes to receive Reiki, without using his personal energy, there will be an inexhaustible source. The principle of Reiki is based on the fact that everything and everyone is connected, everything is energy. We are energy made of matter. When there is a discord in the 3 states: physical, emotional and psychological, there is fertile ground for the development of diseases. Reiki will balance these 3 states and harmonizing our psycho-emotional state will activate our self-healing abilities. Instinctively, when we feel pain, then we put our hands on the painful part, this act, which apparently could be empty of content, is the basis of Reiki.